What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling?

My concept of Psychotherapeutic Counselling is:

Throughout our lives we encounter situations that are not planned or expected so we adapt and carry on. Sometimes certain situations come along that we are unable to handle or manage, we do not have, or have

Phil Benge

not learnt the necessary skills to ‘deal with it’. Some of these experiences have a profound impact upon us and our behaviour.

It is through counselling and the ‘therapeutic relationship’ that we can address the difficulties that we may be experiencing and learn how to address the problem.

I feel that counselling can be similar to completing a jigsaw but without a picture to reference. Sometimes we do not feel ‘right’ but are unable to fully explain what is troubling ourself.

Within a confidential, safe space we will explore the facets of your life and unpick the issues that are causing distress. Allowing you to discover the cause or triggers and ways to manage the distress.


As an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor I have continued my professional development  by attending specific courses.

I have training in the following area;

    • Couples Counselling.
    • Existential Counselling.
    • Psychosexual Therapy.
    • Children & Adolescents.
    • Transaction al Analysis 101.
    • Trauma and Disassociation.
    • Eating Disorders.
    • Counselling Supervision.
    • Self-Harm & Suicide Prevention.
    • Addiction & Substance Abuse.
    • Domestic Violence.
    • Transgender Awareness.
    • Young people & Adolescents.

plus many one day courses. 

Sessions are 1 hour in duration and are available Monday – Friday 8.00-18.00.

All sessions cancelled within 24 hours are chargeable.