Counselling Supervision

As a supervisor I adhere to the ethical frameworks of the B.A.C.P. and N.C.S and offer both individual and group supervision. Supervisee’s are required to be a member fo a professional body and adhere to its relevant code to ethics.

Choosing a Supervisor is similar to choosing a new hair style, there are many hairdressers to choose from  but you may be  unsure as to which would best meet your needs.  You may get a recommendation, but it does not always turn out the way you wanted. I feel it is the same when  choosing a supervisor. The relationship between counsellor and supervisor is a key ingredient in  your therapeutic relationship with your client. So I will always sit with a potential Supervisee for a ‘meet & greet’, to discuss our ways of working etc and explore any synergies.

I can provide supervision within my own private practice,  a work place setting, or via a video call.

I can provide Supervision for:

    • Counsellors.
    • Supervisors.
    • Traninee Counsellors
    • Charitable & other Professional Organisations.
    • Emotional Supervision for Medical Doctors, Nurses & Consultants